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BIG EAST Conference Places Record Eight Teams In NCAA Men's Field


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the Big East should've had 9 teams in the tourney and anyone who follows college ball knows this is a fact. Cincinatti (the team that spanked LSU - a 4 seed) is out.....yet Air Force is in????? George Mason is in??? both which are "at bid" teams because neither won their regular conference season title nor won their tourney in leagues that for all practical purposes should be in Division III......Give me a break. Do we really need the Colonial Conference represented twice? or the Mountain West conference twice. Secondary teams from tertiary conferences who never played a top 100 team all year, while Cincy had the 5th toughest non-conference schedule in the nation together with the toughest conference competition all year??? :confused:


The only reason Cincy isn't in the tourney is because the committee didn't want one more Big East team in....it's as simple as that. :furious:

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