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My Predictions for the 2007 NY GIANTS


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OK First of I would like to say welcome to Osi724dasack's 2007 GIANTS Prediction thread.


What to expect out of Eli? You can expect big improvement out of him. 3500 and 30 TD's are not out of the question this year. If the O-line stays healthy Eli will have a pro-bowl type year, if the oline gets banged up...expect some ugliness.


The Running game: With Jacobs and Droughns both in at the same time that should throw the d off a little. We all know what Jacobs can do. He is a lock for 1,000 this year. But will Tikis absense be missed? Yes, no question it will, but JACOBS THE BEAST should be able to handle the load. But will either catch the ball as well? HELL NO.


The Receivers: Plaxico will have another good year catching 70-80 balls and getting many TD's. Toomer is a tough one, but I think he will get some catches, and have an impact. Smith should be in on alot of the action. Moss will get reps too and he will DEFINATELY have an impact. And Shockey will have a career year.


The D line: Osi, Tuck, and Stray will fuck Qb's up...and Coefield, Robbins, Alford, and Joseph will hold there own at DT...expect 2 pro bowlers to come from this line.


The LB's...Pierce will be Pierce, Kiwi should scare some qb's...and Mitchell is solid.


The Db's...uhh ohh :unsure: no one at FS this year, Gibril will he will have to handle more work..and that puts more pressure on the CB's...just hope for a consistent pass rush this year,


P: feagle is good



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