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So I went to Camden Yards last night...


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Took the wife and kids. First trip there for me. Nice place, but a little overrated if you ask me. The field, dimensions, aesthetics, etc. are really nice. The concessions were unbearable. I waited for 3 fucking innings for food. Normally, I'd have said "screw it", but we were starving.


The crowd, as usual, was filled with Sox fans. This time, however, there were more like 10 Red Sox fans there for every Oriole fan. I'm not kidding, it was ridiculous. Even people who'd been there before for a Sox game were saying that this was extreme. The O's fans were riding high in the end, though. I couldn't blame them.


The game was the worst. From total joy to the worst loss of the season. I think they really screwed themselves up getting Gagne. Why fix it if it ain't broke. Not only that, but closers are notorious for pitching poorly in any other situation but closing. And I don't know why Francona left Gagne in to face the lefty when Oki was ready (or maybe he wasn't- but the point is he should've been). :furious:


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