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Tonights practice not so


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Day 6, P.M. Update


Forget that "the offense had its best day" stuff from the morning. Let's just sum up the evening workout with this quote from TC:


"Can we get through a play without one holding penalty!"


The Giants had officials on the field this evening, thus a few holding flags. And those didn't even help that much, because the pass protection was spotty, at best.


Three best plays weren't exactly as they appeared. Let me explain: Manning, who did have another good session with throwing accuracy, hit Kevin Boss over the middle. Boss made a diving catch in traffic, and he might have gotten his head ripped off if it were a game. Still, good grab.


Except that Antonio Pierce would've made Eli eat that throw on a blitz up the middle. Pierce wasn't even touched.


Neither was Adrian Awasom coming off the right edge on a play that finished with a circus catch by Steve Smith. Manning's throw hit R.W. McQuarters, tipped up and into Smith's hands, and he stayed in bounds.


Plaxico Burress went way high up for a terrific catch on a throw from Manning later, but it was Burress' last play of practice. He hobbled off, favoring that surgically repaired left ankle, though he stayed out for the remainder of practice. Didn't seem to be serious.


Best play, though, went to Corey Webster. Jared Lorenzen threw a timing pass to Michael Jennings; Webster turned around just as the ball got there, fought Jennings off and caught it before falling out of bounds. Webster missed a coverage on Burress later, but the young CB is getting some confidence back.


The closing two-minute drill featured the 2s, and it was plenty rusty. Lorenzen did have two nice fourth-down completions to keep the drive going into FG territory.


Be back with a sweaty update after tomorrow's afternoon practice.

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