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Red Sox vs. Yankees


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To the New York Yankee organization and all its fans, I tip my cap. You performed admirably under the circumstances and gave us a run for our money. Your rookie starters and overworked bullpen (when will Torre learn) lost it for you but your offense hammered our top three starters. Keep on mashing and I'm sure against weaker hitting teams, your pitching will improve, especially with Wang and Mussina coming back. The only question this series was would the Yankees let up more runs than they scored? But kudos, a great series. I'm looking forward to our first healthy series against each other because we were banged up in the Yankees five game sweep at Fenway and you are obviously in the same position now, albeit with a much stronger offense.


I'm not worried at all about our top three guys at this point because the Yankees were hitting good pitches, bad pitches, and everything in between. Papelbon and Okajima have both continued to impress this series...although I question Francona bringing in Okajima to face Giambi when Romero was warmed up. Romero has been used incorrectly by Francona this season, he's become a lefty specialist (holding opponents to a .200 avg two years running) and he doesn't realize it. Manny said he'd get hot today and he did. And holy shit, four home runs in a row, any fan of baseball has to be amazed by a feat like that. I'm hoping this will ignite our offense and that our pitching will recover against non-Yankee mashers.


As for the Yankees, I hope you get healthy, it's only fair. As soon as your pitching returns, they could be completely mediocre and you'll win ballgames. The problem is that right now, they aren't mediocre, they're just bad. And the carryover effect on the bullpen is tremendous. Who would've thought that our pitching staffs, the bullpen in particular, would be on opposite sides of the spectrum at this point.


Overall, good series, and I look forward to facing you next week in the belly of the beast.

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