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Over the past couple of weeks we've been hearing rumors that the Giants have met with various players and if player X is available then we are definitely going to draft that player. Or we hear that the Coughlin spoke to so and so for a while so we're probably going to draft that person. Some of these include: Moss, Blue, Bunkley etc..


Well, if you watch the video on this page, its about Vince Young...


...it says that the NY Giants have given Young over 300 questions to answer etc.. There is 0% chance we draft him for so many reasons. If this doesn't prove that rumors are just that, I don't know what does.


The Giants are just going through the research and preparations right now, and I bet if you ask EA who he takes on draft day he doesn't know yet. It's sure fun to speculate though.

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I think alot of it is psychology...the Giants will be playing a lot of those players in the future...if someone (say the Cowboys somehow) picked up Vince Young, the Giants have the questions he answered and all that stuff and can be better prepared to face him and maybe find a weakness or something...

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