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Manning said. "It's just a combination of things. We're just not playing good football. We're not consistent."


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You guys have been killing me but I am telling you this kid is a bust. And TC is not the coach for this team, they says we have talent then were is it. For one were are the slants and dink passes the offense is playing like crap and we are making ELI EL STINKO throw to far down field. Right now he can't make a throw 15 yards on target. On one play he threw to PLAX and shockey was wide open. right in the same line. TC has this Kid thinking that SHOCkey is a blocker!!!! Thats part of the problem, teams are crowding the line and stoppong the run because they know he can't make the THrow. Just go to the slant or the dink to the TE.

This partly the coaches problem??

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