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Injuries and solutions


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Most of these injuries we are sustaining are freak injuries rather than injuries due to wear and tear.... Osi's hip pointer... Strahans lis franc... Pettigouts broken leg.... toomers ACL.... Arringtons Achilles(which could have been lingering) and so on were just things that happened out of nowhere... I think what is going to happen is eventually all defensive players will be back within 2 or 3 weeks... Osi and Tuck should be back along with the linebackers (minus Lavar) and hopefully Strahan.... Madison being hurt scares me.... McQuaters is out best corner without Madison in there and Webster is downright awful.... wouldn't be surprised to see Frank the freak with the way he is playing.... I bet we see McKenzie protecting Eli's blind side the rest of the year and Tyree is going to sink into that role of the #2 receiver..... If Eli picks it up (which i think he will..... my theory is he has trouble with a wet ball because I haven't seen him that sporadic since his rookie year) we should be fine

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The solution is to get Tiki's conditioning coach into the Giants organization. I know some of the injuries are not related to conditioning, but some are.




He kind of invents machines that put unnatural stresses on my body. But they make the work functional because that's what my job is -- putting unnatural stresses on my body. One of the reasons I went to Joe in the first place is you get bored doing the same thing over and over again.


Unnatural stresses are what this team needs. Perfect example, Toomers knee. He put unnatural stress on his knee, something simple weight training can't prepare you for, and his ligament was forced to take pressure it couldn't handle.

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