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The Bears made us look straight up STUPID on National TV


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all the smack talk Burress did before the game.....what'd he get? 48 whopping yards and a fumble? straight up STUPID!


all the smack talk Jacobs did.....he didn't run over anybody (although not his fault)...cost us 15-yards...seriously, when will you learn? straight up STUPID!


that 108 yard return made our entire special teams unit look straight up STUPID...everybody at my house knew Hester was allowed to run the ball back, while you guys were jogging toward him or walking off the field...then to top it off, O'Hara and Feely got straight up OWNED on the return....did i feel bad for Feely? no....i may have laughed (just a little)


the straight up STUPID coaching


the straight up STUPID offensive play calling


the straight up STUPID defensive play calling


all of us laughing at the Grossman/Eli comparisons....straight up STUPID

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