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  1. haha thanks lubeck you just put it all into perspective... you are one of the few posters who i have agreed with since joining the boards, and its good to see another voice of reason...
  2. braco is absolutley a moron... u really must not watch any other qb in the entire nfl... that is just baffling how you can sit back and rant idiotic nothings, and yet do not watch any other football teams the rest of the week... by your brainless assumptions about the giants and how everything is so bad about them, then i would really like to hear your genious opinions on every other team in the nfl... because i got a newsflash for you 80 percent of them have a worse qb, worse coaches, and a lot less injuries... and most of those 80 percent have qbs who are much more experienced then eli, and show half the promise he does... so if your a pats fan you think brady sucks because he had two atrocious games in a row, and his coaches let go of so many players and so they suck as well... i can go on for hours about how big of a moron you are and throw example after example about how everything you say makes no sense what so ever. but i have to get back to my life, where i interact with intelligent people that can actually be listened to when they speak and taken as serious
  3. i completely agree with you!!! We have 38 questionable guys on every weeks injury report and none of them ever play.... every other time i see a guy from other teams listed as questionable they are almost for sure going to play... whats with this bullshit sugar coating that caughlin tries to lay on us every week...
  4. haha i got 3 calls from friends of mine saying Hey Mikey Corey Webster is officially my new favorite player in the nfl... problem is i live in chicago now and all my friends are bears fans
  5. The was far and away the biggest waste of two minutes of my life that i will ever experience. Never again will i read anything floyd the barber writes, for it clearly is just wasting my time.
  6. he felt soreness in his right elbow.. the way he was pitching he should always feel that soreness
  7. maybe pelfrey will be on his way..... i want to see this kid pitch
  8. how good is duaner sanchez.... damn the guy hasnt let up a run yet this year... what a great pick up and billy wagner is starting to catch mid season form... i dont see him blowing any saves for quite some time
  9. with another miami reciever moss coming to ny that will cause the question to arise. if he going to go train in miami or will he report to nj and work out with eli..... if moss does turn into a solid reciever for us and becomes a number 2 or 3 but spends the off season in miami that would mean that moss plax and shock would all be training there.... that could very well be our three main recievers..... eli needs to get as much time with his recievers as he can and all three of them being in miami isnt going to help anything.... and even more if plax and shock will be in miami, and moss comes in, he will want to get close with his other two recievers, that will tempt him even more to go to miami and train anyone see this as a possible damage to the team and its chemistry
  10. cant deliver the ball without perfect footwork???? how bout the touchdown pass to toomer to win the game against denver he was backing up and threw 20 yards where only toomer could get it and hit him perfectly in stride.... that was pretty impressive.... a td pass against philly in our second meeting, eli avoided the sack by ducking through it looked up after a pump fake and threw a perfect ball to plaxico for the touchdown........ those are two that jump out on me but when i think of more ill post them... anyone else think of any?
  11. anyone know the status on beltran and floyd today?????? id like to see our lineup in full force to back zombrano today... these next two games are in my opinion really big games!!!!! we win both of them and we would be 7 games up on Atlanta... thats quite the cushion.... with a lineup like ours and a ace like pedro its gonna be a tough road ahead for atlanta to even get close to us down 7 games... even if we are only 1/15th into the season
  12. just went outside for a cigg.. why is floyd out????? and what is the story on beltran... i live in chicago and cant hear much about it... tell me we arent getting naggins injuries already?
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