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  1. I seriously was just busting your balls there (i.e. joking with you). I figured you'd be able to at least sort that out.


    I wouldn't wish cancer on even my worst enemy...and whether you choose to believe it or not, I wish you the best in your battle.

    Thanks...according to the doc, he thinks we got it. It is unnerving to have a doctor call you in and tell you that your test results show malignancy. It sucks. Regardless...I just want to talk football. It's my fucking passion and I hate the kind of shit that goes on over at the old Giants board and that's what I felt this was turning into.

  2. This is why I think in a best case scenario he might be a player in the mold of Antonio Pierce. The question is whether his intelligence and instincts will be held back by his lack of athleticism.


    Still though, Reese has drafted a ton of guys who are athletes, who have sucked. It's sort of refreshing to take a chance on a guy who clearly understands the game.


    Blackburn had pedestrian speed, and the Giants won 2 Super Bowls with him on the team. Even when AP was a younger player, he never had top shelf athletic skill.


    So much of the game is knowing what to do.

    My feelings exactly. Reese has put so much emphasis on athleticism, combine numbers, backflips and speed, and subsequently whiffing with the exception of JPP. Other teams focus on whether or not a kid coming out of college is a football player instead of a track star or circus star.


    We got Bromley with 10 sacks, a leader, and instinctive football player. 4-year starter Berhe who led the team in tackles and is known as one tough son of a bitch of a football player. And of course, 4-year starter Kennard who had 9 sacks and is a genuine football player with football smarts and personal integrity.


    It will be interesting to see if drafting football players instead of 3-cone athletes and speed demons pays off. I think it will and certainly hope it will. Reese had pretty much bet his career on it.

  3. Pics or GTFO, Dude.

    Just returned from the doctors office to have my bandages removed and to check for any abnormalities.


    Here's your picture asshole:




    It's not every day you meet someone who ridicules a person battling cancer. I may be a lot of things and I certainly have my faults, but one thing I'm not and have never been accused of is being a liar. I really had no intentions of sharing my personal health issues with strangers on the internet...I simply let you know that I've been testy lately and it has everything to do with the last two weeks getting cut up, analyzed, cut up some more, blood taken to see if it's spread, etc., and being coached about what I need to know if it is coming back. This is something that I have only shared with my kids and grandkids and two very close friends.


    Regardless...this is exactly the kind of stuff that caused me to abandon the old Giants message board years ago. People who prefer to get personal and insulting instead of discussing football like men.

  4. Kennard - finalist for the Lott IMPACT Trophy


    USC Linebacker – Senior – 6’ 3” – 260lbs – Phoenix, AZ


    Few numbers in sports are more revered than No. 42.


    Devon Kennard Finalist Badge


    In football, the No. 42 is held to the highest of standards at USC where the great All-American Ronnie Lott wore the number proudly and magnificently during his Trojan career.


    So it comes as no surprise that the current No. 42 at USC exemplifies much of the attributes that Lott stands for. His name is Devon Kennard and he is the first Trojan to be a finalist for the award named after the most famous of USC 42s – The Lott IMPACT Trophy. Kennard is everything the Lott IMPACT Trophy stands for: An honor student in the class- room, a volunteer in the community and a force on the football field.


    Let’s look at his IMPACT resume:


    Integrity: He's visited kids with cancer in the hospital, fed the homeless on skid row and made a mission trip to Haiti.


    Maturity: Has served as team captain for the Trojans. "He's almost like a coach on the field right now for us," says USC interim head coach Ed Orgeron.


    Performance: He's recorded 48 tackles this year, eight sacks, 9.5 tackles for loss, had a fumble recovery, eight quarterback hurries and four passes broken up. He was a mid-season All Pac-12 selection. In USC's big win over Oregon State in Corvallis, Kennard recorded the only two sacks the Trojan defense had all night.


    Academics: He graduated in three years with a 3.23 grade point average, is now in the Masters program with a thesis on college recruiting and twice has been on the Pac-12 All-Academic team.


    Community: Visited kids facing cancer at the children's hospital in Los Angeles for the entire 2012 season while he was out with an injury.


    Tenacity: Came back from a torn chest muscle injury that sidelined him for all of 2012. John Mosbach, the USC Assistant Athletic Director has this to say about Devon: "Most important to me above all else is Devon's character. He always has been a pleasure to work with in every situation. His demeanor and study habits are second to none. Because of this Devon has earned the respect of teammates, coaches, professors, and others. He has been a great leader for not only the football team and other student athletes, but all students on campus."


    Kennard has worked with Power Direct Energy and that company's Chief Operating Officer Stuart Hayden says: "His business plan he developed is a comprehensive approach for setting up a charitable foundation to assist underprivileged youth through summer football camps."


    Kennard is 6-3, 255-pounder from Phoenix who has the DNA to continue playing on Sundays. His father, Derek, had an 11-year NFL career following an All-American career as an offensive lineman at Nevada.


    Devon Kennard, No. 42. Fitting.

  5. Giants Select OLB Devon Kennard


    With the No. 174 pick of the NFL Draft, the Giants selected outside linebacker Devon Kennard out of USC.


    Kennard, who is 6-foot-3 and 249 pounds, played defensive end, middle linebacker and outside linebacker during his career at USC. The 22-year-old was named to the All-Pac 12 second team after he led the team with nine sacks over the course of 14 starts at outside linebacker. During his final season with the Trojans, he was a captain and had the highest GPA on the team. He redshirted during the 2012 season after he tore his pectoral muscle in July. He also had surgery after the 2010 season for torn cartilage in his hip. He played in only three games as a senior in high school before he tore knee ligaments.


    Kennard’s father was an offensive lineman for the Cardinals, Saints and the Cowboys over the course of 11 seasons, and won Super Bowl XXX with the Cowboys.


    Scouts have said that Kennard is a good tackler with versatility who plays tough.

  6. Draft Steal or Just Another Guy: Devon Kennard Film Study

    May 20 2014, 9:00a



    It happens almost every year: The New York Giants draft a linebacker. But, rather than on the first or second days like Giants fans would prefer, they have drafted a number of linebackers on the third day of the draft. This year was no exception.


    Devon Kennard was a five-star recruit coming out of high school, is coming off of a productive senior season (60 tackles, 13 for a loss, nine sacks, four passes defensed), and has been widely praised for his impressive intangibles.


    Despite all this Kennard fell to the fifth round, 174th overall. His fall was largely due to injury concerns and less than impressive athleticism (though something of a "Tweener" status thanks to playing a variety of positions could have contributed as well).


    Did the Giants get the five-star recruit, and a steal in the fifth? Or did they get a late-round JAG? Since we can't talk to him to verify the intangibles that his coaches and teammates rave about, let's go to the tape.


    Run Defense


    The first goal of the New York Giants' defense is to stop the run. By stopping the run they are trying to force offenses into passing situations and making them one-dimensional.


    Play 1) 0:47 - 0:55


    The play starts with Kennard lined up as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 front. He is lined up right on the line of scrimmage and is matched up on the tight end. At the snap the defensive end is pushed out of the play by the right tackle while Kennard takes on the tight end. He does a nice job of controlling the TE and getting off the block to make the tackle as the back comes near him. The back makes a nice gain, but that isn't on Kennard.


    Play 2) 3:16 - 3:25


    This time Kennard is on the left side of the offense, between the left tackle and the tight end. Unlike the last play, he is basically a stand-up defensive end in a four-man front.


    At the snap Kennard does a fantastic job of reading the play and scraping across to the other side to make a play on the running back. However, we see Kennard's relatively pedestrian athleticism when the left guard gets in his way just enough to keep him from catching the running back. It doesn't help that the other "defensive end" ran past the play on his rush. and the linebackers dropped back into coverage rather than coming up to fill the gaping hole the offensive line opens up. But ultimately this play is a mixed bag for Kennard. On one hand it showed his intelligence and instincts, but on the other it exposed his (relatively) pedestrian athleticism.


    Pass Coverage


    In the modern NFL offensive coordinators are attacking the middle of the field in a variety of ways. Passes to slot receivers, running backs, full backs, traditional tight ends, and the emerging class of hybrid tight ends all have to be defended against. With coverage needs at an all-time high, defenses are relying on extra defensive backs to protect the middle of the field. If a linebacker wants to be a full-time player, he has to be able to cover.


    Play 1) 4:31 - 4:39


    For this play Kennard lines up as an outside linebacker in a three-man front across from the tight end. The tight end initially appears to be blocking, but cuts inside to receive a quick pass from the QB. Kennard does a nice job of sticking with the tight end through the whole play. It looks like Oregon St. might have been setting up a tight end screen, but Kennard knocked the ball away before the play had a chance.


    Play 2) 8:32 - 8:43


    This time Kennard is lined up as a stand-up defensive end in a four-man front. He initially rushes the quarterback, but recognizes the quick pass to the receiver and breaks off his rush to help tackle the receiver before he can do any damage. This play isn't about Kennard's coverage so much as his instincts, awareness, and ability to process and act on information quickly.


    Pass Rush


    This was the area of weakness for the Giants' defense in 2013. While a return to health for their best pass rushers should certainly help matters, having a capable blitzing linebacker would be a welcome addition. Kennard had a few pass-rushing "wins", but the Oregon St. scheme had the ball out of the quarterback's hands before the rushers could get there. He did, however, get to the QB twice, so I want to take a look at how.


    Play 1) 1:49 - 2:00


    Once again we see Kennard lined up wide of the left tackle as a stand-up defensive end in a four man front. At the snap he gets blocked by the left tackle and chipped by the tight end. He uses a very nice inside spin move to slip off the chip block and between the left tackle and left guard. Finally (and it's tough to see at full speed), the left guard gets an arm around Kennard, and he has to power through that to get the quarterback on the ground.


    Play 2) 5:33 - 5:42


    For the final play we'll be looking at, Kennard is once again lined up wide of the left tackle as a stand up defensive end in a four-man front. He does a great job of setting up then beating the tackle on this play. At the snap Kennard takes a quick step toward the hash mark, setting the tackle up to block against an outside rush. However as the tackle starts to widen his slide, he makes a quick move inside to shoot the gap between the left guard and left tackle, and he gets the sack.


    Final Thoughts


    So, what kind of linebacker did the Giants get? Looking at this tape, they got an intelligent, instinctive, high-effort linebacker who can have an impact in run defense, pass coverage, and rushing the passer. He isn't a spectacular athlete, and that gets exposed at times. Within his range, however, he is certainly effective.


    There's also the question about where he will play. At USC, Kennard played middle linebacker and defensive end, while in a 3-4 defense in 2013 he played outside linebacker. To my eye, he looks like an outside linebacker in Perry Fewell's 4-3 defense. However, it's possible that he could provide depth inside, or possibly even move inside in nickel packages.



  7. Bleedin' - you just have to get it out of your head that 'dude' was condescending, because it wasn't and isn't always as you seem to think. That's really the end of the story. And unless you're able to budge from that stance, multiple paragraph posts aren't going to change anything.

    Like many words, it's the tone in which they are said and to who they are directed at. If you are sitting in a bar with friends and laughing, "dude" means one thing that is silly, but un-offensive. But like the Philly cop who slapped a wiseass kid for calling him "dude", it's condescending. And like the kids I closed the door in their face and let them walk - it was condescending or at the very least, an infantile way for teens to express their superiority complex to adults.


    We're not sitting around laughing while half in the bag calling each other dude like we can't wait until we turn 16 so we can drive a car.


    It's offensive to adults - while silly and playful to immature kids.

  8. Seriously, I've explained it numerous times in this thread, but you refused to see it underneath your insults and perceived slighting.




    and then here:


    here is gmen who obviously saw my explanations and agreed with them.


    oh and in case you missed all of those: there was this one also.


    Outside of this I'm done, I don't deserve the damn insults. It's not worth it, have fun.

    Actually, all you've done is reposted your thoughts on what you think is the definition of a word that teenagers use. Everyone knows what the word means and it's the thing that cocky kids use when they think they're cool. You have not explained why you responded to my writeup on Kennard with a single word "dude". I do not need a lesson about your interpretation of the word or that you feel you are being insulted. When you respond with a condescending remark to an adult because you "disagree"...or "agree"....or "too busy to read the post and feel like saying the word"....or whatever.


    Just asked you why that was your response. How do I figure out what you think about Kennard by saying something that a typical kid would say?


    You shouldn't feel insulted, you should feel embarrassed if anything for bringing some of the childish shit from the old board to this board. Hopefully, in the future if you have a problem with someone's opinion, you'll man up and explain why you disagree with a thought out response (and I don't mean two pages later after you are forced to give a reply and you simply quote some other guy's post). Otherwise, it's just a condescending assholish response and all I've done is called you out for it.

  9. Yeah the word dude was all a calculated between the lines personal vendetta stemming from some shit a long time ago I can barely remember. Even though noone else here ever saw the word as an insult, and the fact that I've twice explained my reason for posting it. Don't know how many more times I have to explain it, but twice should be more than enough. It was exactly as if I'd posted "whoa. I'm the one with the vendetta, not the guy who brings it up all the time. Not the guy who always insults me.


    So don't worry, you don't have to find some other board.


    I don't deserve the insults and won't walk on eggshells to not receive them. So I'll keep my thoughts to myself and you have your fun.

    Seriously pdub. Why did you respond to my lengthy post with one word: "dude". What was your point? Was it because you disagreed? Was it because you agreed? Was it because you don't have a response, but felt the need to respond? Do you think it's cute? Did you think you were on the old board?


    There must have been some reason you posted it. I really wish you would explain yourself. I've explained myself in depth.

  10. Seriously, I'm just here to bust your balls. I didn't know any of the history with you and PDub. I really don't care to be honest. But getting pissy on here and pretending it's only about the word 'dude' when it's clearly more than that reminds me of a psycho girlfriend who flips the fuck out over the stupidest shit and keeps a rap sheet on her boyfriend so that everytime she's the least bit irked, she rattles off the whole list. Don't be like that or folks won't give a shit if you do leave.


    I've often found your opinion or thoughts on certain players read-worthy. And believe me, I have no problems with optimistic viewpoints, but you have to understand that there are realists out there who aren't all sunshine and roses. The chances the 5th round pick could be a bust may just be the same or better than the chances he is a success. Fact is, labeling him as one of the best LB we've had in ages was a stretch, is a stretch, and until he shows it on the field, will be a stretch.


    Likewise, I like PDubs updates because frankly, I'm too lazy to deal with Twitter.

    I have zero problems with someone disagreeing with me. I personally think Kennard is going to surprise a lot of people and might well become a fan favorite. I have not read a single negative thing about him on any site and have heard nothing but praise over the pick.


    When I take the time to put together my take on a player, I don't expect everyone to agree. But I expect a better response than a childish, "Dude".


    That's simply condescending. It's implying that "your post is so stupid and I am so smart with inside information that I'm simply going to respond with dude because I feel I should put you in your place". Maybe others don't see it. I don't really care. Like I said in a previous post, I put my job on the line refusing to take three teens to the ski resort simply because they called me "dude" while laughing and thinking they were cool. Of course, they were about 13 years old and that's the kind of things 13 year olds say because they are still in the mode of growing up and seeing how far they can push adults before an adult says "fuck you" and closes the door in their face. That's what I did this past winter and I'd do it again. I simply don't find it cute or funny. I don't sit around and laugh at teens who think being high all the time and disrespecting adults is hilarious. Some people do, I don't.


    Bottom line: disagree with me all you want. But at least have the decency to say why you believe I'm wrong. I don't have a problem in the world with someone disagreeing with me. But I don't like condescending teens who think it's cute to make a patronizing response like "dude" as though his self-appointed superiority has reached the apex of all knowledge and all adults are dumb. All I ask is a reasonable response explaining why someone disagrees. Otherwise, please go to the old Giants board where it is filled with teenage idiots.

  11. I never went back to the original Giants message board years ago because of all the negativity and childish behavior where insults were the only constant. I am an insanely avid Giants fan and perpetually optimistic about our players.....some would say, overly optimistic. And that's okay. What I can't stand is taking the time to write a positive take on a player we've drafted only to be have someone reply with a condescending remark that is meant to knock down hope and to pretend to be "all knowing" and "all wise" by declaring a player a bust before he ever suits up.


    In politics and religion, I don't really care about the personal jabs because we're supposed to have a variety of opinions that are generally polar opposite. But in the Giants football side, I see no reason to ridicule a person for being optimistic about Kennard. Yet that's precisely what happened here and it simply reminds me of the original Giants site that is filled with childish acting assholes.


    As for me...I'm testy I suppose and have been for a couple of weeks. I had surgery twice last week to remove malignant cells that have spread into my right eye. I have a face full of stitches and bandages covering half the right side of my face including my right eye. Hopefully, this ordeal I'm going through will be over soon and life can return to normal, but it's something that makes me nervous. I could care less about my looks and know that I'm going to have a significant scar across my face, but that doesn't bother me a bit. But it is quite painful and dealing with the threat of possible semi-blindness or the problem spreading is less than comforting. It puts me on edge and I don't deal well with arrogant people who feel the need to insult me right now.


    One of the few things in life that still thrill me at my age is the draft - and I mean 5-year kid on Christmas eve thrilled. I love reading and evaluating the players that the Giants have drafted. And yes...I am optimistic. I am ALWAYS optimistic after the draft. It might be naïve, but it's just me. So after reading dozens and dozens of articles on our draft picks for two weeks, it's unbelievable to me the number of analysts on NFL Network, ESPN, and internet media that rave about the Giants picking Kennard and use language that far exceeded my take on him...calling him everything from a "round 1 pick if not for injuries" to "the steal of the draft". So I get excited and hope to hell he pans out.


    I write my positive take on Kennard and a guy who has been holding a grudge against me for awhile now decides it's time to be condescending and take a cheap shot at me for being positive. I doubt he realizes the disdain I have for people who think they are cute by using the word dude, but that combined with my personal health problems right now, my eternal optimism of the Giants, the excitement I go through because of the draft, then getting an insulting remark reminiscent of a teen who thinks being drugged up all the time is really cool as a response to my positive post....I flipped.


    I do not apologize. However, if I have to join another board to follow my Giants without having to deal with assholes that want to inject negativity into everything, than I will. I would hope this board remains positive though. It's usually positive and when someone isn't positive about one of our players, or a coach, or a strategy, or whatever, we don't attack each other with childish remarks simply for having a different take. In short - we left the children's board a long time ago and came to an adult board where we can actually discuss football instead of dealing with jerks who want to make things personal if they disagree. So I don't think it's wrong to call out those who decide to ignore the actual issue, and try to make differences of opinion personal. When that happens and someone feels the urge to make things personal, and are overly negative, I feel they should be called out in order to keep this board from becoming just a smaller version of the board we all left.

  12. Shit dude, we talking 'bout linebackers here. Bleedin' you're just fuckin' with PDub, right? Because we've all known each other way too long to get our britches all twisted at silly stuff like this. I mean, you KNOW PDub is good people, right? Have a drink, man, this stuff shouldn't evoke that kind of reaction.

    Pdub and I have gotten together and shared a drink in downtown Binghamton. We got along fabulously until about a year ago when he told of a story of a man from Binghamton who decided he didn't want to work anymore and chose to live behind garbage cans in and around the city and he told funny stories in exchange for drinks. I did not admire the man and having run a homeless shelter in Binghamton for several years, I have a lot of emotional attachment to the homeless situation and there is nothing funny or admirable about it in my opinion. In fact, it's a touchy subject with me because I have a passion to help the homeless...at least the ones who are homeless because of things beyond their control. Regardless, this really pissed off pdub and ever since that disagreement, he has harassed me by fact checking everything I say or do and just acting pissy and purposely being a thorn in my side. He was obviously offended that I didn't share his feelings about the homeless. I even offered to take him downtown under the bridges to meet some of these guys who he thinks are funny and admirable. I believe that if he worked with the homeless for even a week, he would no longer have the very strong opinions about people who choose to be homeless because they don't want to work - which was the case with this guy.


    In short: we live in the same area and know each other personally and he has been a prick to me ever since that discussion about a homeless guy that he admired. Nine times out of ten, I ignore his subtle digs, but sometimes I get sick of it and let him know about it. Believe me - responding to my post with "dude" was meant as an insult and he knows it and he meant it to be personal. And even though he knows it was meant to be personal, he knows he can also pretend as if he knew no better. That's the meat of it.

  13. Settle down dude, it's the internet.


    Next time someone says something to you on the internet and you feel the need to defend yourself on an internet forum, take a good long look in a mirror and reevaluate your life.


    You're taken it just a bit to seriously.

    It's always bothered me to hear someone say "dude". I'm not one of these guys who bends over laughing at teenage movies where kids say dude and I've never thought it was funny, witty, or a sign of intelligence when someone uses it - especially adults. It's a demeaning term used to exert a false sense of superiority. If you roll over laughing when you see it in a movie, then more power to you. We are different there. I see it only as stupid and demeaning. At 61 years old, I don't have to listen to a 30 year old man call me dude like we are in high school. I didn't even think it was funny in high school. However, if it is something that really makes you laugh and gives you a a feeling of false superiority and strokes an ego...then by all means, go out there and say it. I'm sure you'll be the hit of the party....especially if you are 12 or 13.


    I remember seeing a large black cop in Philadelphia approach a white teenager who was skipping school, sitting on a bench on the sidewalk smoking a cigarette. The cop asked him why he wasn't in school and the kid said, "whatever I want dude" and the cop slapped the kid side the head and knocked him out off the bench. The kid started crying and sued the police department. The cop was put on paid leave until the trial was over and once the judge heard the arguments, dismissed the case. I can empathize with the cop, but I can't empathize with the kid. The kid was an asshole and was disrespectful.

  14. Ha....the next time your at a bar and an adult states an opinion that he's thought about and is serious, look at him with a childish stupid look and say, "dude" insinuating that you are some wise man seasoned with age and have all the answers to life like other 15 and 16 year olds. More than likely he'll smack you side the head for acting like an idiot - or, if he's mature, he'll tell you to grow up and walk away and realize there's an idiot at the bar. But then again, I sincerely doubt you'd have the balls to insult an adult without being hidden behind a computer screen. Lots of guys like to be disrespectful and rude to people when they are in the safety of their mother's house. They aren't so brazen and tough when the person they're insulting is face to face.


    Sorry if you feel hurt by my calling you out, but I have never respected assholes who say "dude". You're not in 10th grade trying to sound cool to your buddies. Using it shows an unjustified superiority complex meant to lord your wisdom over the dumb and it only works up until you're about 16 and with friends who are just as stupid as you. Most people grow out of it once they leave high school, some don't. Regardless...I do not respect people who act like teens with an attitude once they are adults.

  15. If the word dude prompts those insults and personal attacks I received, imagine what that response would do.

    Saying "dude" to my post was the first shot of insults...and I'm sure you know that. If you disagree with me and think Kennard is a bust already, then explain your position. Don't insult me because you disagree. And saying "dude" is not only disrespectful, it's assholish and a kid thing. I'm not a kid anymore and have low tolerance of kids who act like assholes.

  16. You're a true gentleman. I appreciate and value your opinion and advice.



    I simply would like to know why you think Kennard is a bust before he ever hits the field. Instead of a thought out opinion, you simply acted childish.


    A couple of years ago I was shuttling people around Greek Peak and these three boys (about 13 - 14) were about to board when they said, "bout time dude", so I closed the door in their face and drove off. They started screaming and I simply flipped them off. They had to walk from the Adventure Center to the Taverna where they turned me in. Al Kryger (owner, president, and CEO at the time) talked to me and laughed and said, "good....we don't need assholes here to ruin it for everyone else".


    As far as I'm concerned, simply saying "dude" is not only disrespectful of others, it shows incredible childishness. So I am not one who flatters assholes when they act like assholes.

  17. The player that could surprise may be fifth-round pick Devon Kennard. He likely is the most versatile. That gives him the best chance to see the field sooner rather than later.


    The Giants plan to start Kennard at middle linebacker, where there should be ample opportunity to surpass Mark Herzlich as Jon Beason's primary backup. If Kennard wins that job, Beason does have a pretty significant injury history.


    Kennard will likely also learn the strongside linebacker position and be rotated in training camp as a situational pass rusher. Starting strongside linebacker Jameel McClain is less than a year removed from a serious neck injury and the Giants' pass rush is filled with question marks.


    "He can rush the passer from the edge and he has been in the middle, so we are going to throw him in there and see if he can play middle 'backer, outside 'backer, SAM and put his hand down sometimes, too," vice president of player evaluation Marc Ross said after Kennard's selection with the 174th-overall pick. "It is up to [defensive coordinator Perry [Fewell] how he wants to use him, but he has done all three and we feel like he definitely right away can be thrown in at middle [linebacker] and then go from there."


    Kennard, 22, would seem the most likely of the Giants' mid-to-late-round picks to contribute immediately for a variety of reasons. He has football in his bloodlines (father Derek was an offensive lineman for the Cardinals, Saints and Cowboys) and blew away the Giants with his knowledge of the game during his visit with the team. He also played at a football factory like USC. This should allow Kennard to adjust more seamlessly than most of the others during his rookie year.


    "He was great on the board, he did an excellent job of that. He really convinced the coaches that he was a really sharp football player, a multiple position guy, a guy that would come in here and play the linebacker position for us, which is what he'll do," coach Tom Coughlin said. "So we're excited about that."


    Kennard has talent too, otherwise he wouldn't have started as a freshman for Pete Carroll at USC. But he never seemed to get settled with the Trojans, switching positions every year as Carroll left for Seattle and USC continually tinkered with its defense. Kennard played four positions (strongside LB, middle LB, defensive end and outside linebacker) in four years, but at least it has provided him a wide web of football knowledge.




    BTW pdub - that is straight out of NJ.com


    You should write the author and simply respond to him with "dude"...so others can scratch their head and wonder why an asshole kid is writing who thinks he's cool to simply say "dude" as if Beavis and Butthead was the only show he ever watched and wanted to emulate their life.

  18. Dude.

    ???? Who am I talking to, a 9th grade kid who wears his pants down below his ass, is failing class, and who thinks it's cool to respond to an adult with "dude".


    If you disagree, posit a thought out response. If you have some inside information that proves that Kennard is not good, or isn't going to be good, then speak up like a man.


    I don't like to waste time with children who think calling a man "dude" is some kind of appropriate response.

  19. I think us fans are going to be pleasantly surprised by Kennard. If he can stay healthy, he is going to do some serious damage to our opponents and will be the best LB'r we've had in ages that can rush the QB and rack up some nasty sacks. The big question is whether or not he can stay healthy. If he hadn't had so many injuries, he would've been a first round pick....or so say the "experts" and analysts that may or may not have a clue.

  20. :D, Bleedin', you are awesome man. I love it, you are like the small school guy. You have introduced me to more prospects I've never even heard of than any of the experts on ESPN or NFL Network combined. You are the man, dude. I just like looking at this old stuff to see how accurate we were with our player evaluations and pre-draft prognosticating. But you definitely don't suck, I just mention that stuff to get a rise out of you and have a chuckle. We are all mostly wrong on these things but it's all in good fun.


    A couple of years ago, Nemesis called Linval Joseph in the 2nd, I thought that was pretty great, and Bigblue25 called JPP as a possible target for the Giants, while I thought JPP wouldn't be around at our pick, thank God I was wrong on that one! JMFP was touting Sean Lee in the 2nd a couple years ago, and he has turned into a nice player for the Cowboys.


    Thanks for the kudos, but I know I'm just a fan. You could count the number of college games I watch each year on the fingers of one hand. I'm a readaholic and put away at least a book a week....except when mid-April comes around and then I read dozens and dozens of websites dealing with players. So all I really do is regurgitate a whole lot of crap gleaned from the infinite and eclectic opinions on the web. Regardless....it's entertainment to me and I have wierd tastes. It's nice that this board exists so I can bloviate with others on the subject.


    I think the biggest shocker of a second round pick (for me anyway) was the year they took Osi - who I'd never even heard of before. Right up there with that shocker was last years Marvin Austin. Again, my jaw dropped and kept saying WTF over and over.


    The second round pick can be one of the most interesting picks in all the draft.....well, at least from the perspective of a Giants fan. I love watching the disgusted expression on Mel Kiper's face when he goes on and on about who they could've had that is so great (usually a washout) and how we could have gotten Osi or Austin in the 5th or 6th round.

  21. Thought it would be cool to take a look back on last year's draft talk and see how we did. Bleedin', Da'Quan Bowers was taken 51st overall, second rounder! :P Saw some action but was mildly used in his first season, like most of these guys.


    While nobody saw Amukamara falling to us in the first, at least i got a hit on Austin, unfortunately he couldn't prove himself. Pretty easy to hit, though, when you list a dozen guys or so.


    Out of the guys I liked in that list, Brooks Reed really jumps out for his season for the Texans, and Justin Houston had a really nice rookie campaign for the Chiefs.




    Ben Ijalana saw some action for the Colts, don't know how good he was because there aren't really stats for O-linemen.


    Out of the guys others mentioned, Akeem Ayers was one of the only ones that was a 16 game starter for the Titans. He had 76 tackles and 2 sacks. They will be looking for a lot more from him next year.


    My guy, Mikel Leshoure, went on IR before the season began, same for Ryan Williams. Doesn't look like Bruce Carter did much for the Cowboys. Don't know if he got hurt or what.


    Martez Wilson showed some stuff late in the season, had a couple of sacks late, but had a quiet season overall.


    I think Rodney Hudson is going to be a great player for the Chiefs.


    Bigblue25 wanted Quan Sturdivant in the third round, and Quan was taken all the way in the 6th round! Didn't see the field at all his rookie season, not sure if he went on IR or just didn't get activated.


    Two of Bleedin's picks, Trevis Turner and Mario Harvey were UDFA's for the Steelers, neither saw action their rookie seasons.


    What's your point? That I suck? Point made! :laugh: Although, I did nail Barden and Beatty a couple of years ago. That was my best successful guess at what the Giants would do.


    Oh well.....I'm just a hyped up fan that loves the draft. That doesn't mean I am some kind of genius prognosticator.


    If I were to guess our second round pick for this year, I'd say that there's a good chance we'll have two 2nd round picks because we might just trade down a few spots with Cleveland or possibly Minnesota if either team has their eye on someone special that they don't think will be there in 5 or 6 picks later. That way, maybe pick up another 4th or 5th. I base that on Reese's comment that he doesn't think there's 32 players worthy of getting taken in the first round.


    Assuming we don't do that...I'd say we're probably going WR because in the first round, I don't thing a WR will be the BPA. I'd be real happy if they got a stud O-Lineman that would do more for our running game than a high priced RB.

  22. well Cruz does about 8 catches and 160 yds per game


    Manningham 8 catches in 4 games


    There is no comparison.............as Eli would say they are not in the same league


    Cruz has 19 receptions thus far, 386 total yds, and averages 20.3 yds per catch.


    Cruz has stepped up and been a player for sure. But Manningham is no slouch. He hasn't had as many ball thrown his way this year as has Cruz. It could be that defenses are aware of the danger Mario can be and he draws tougher defenders whereas Cruz is an unknown and he gets played a little softer.


    Regardless.....we have a very good receiving corps.

  23. Defenders kinda hope the play is over before Ballard can get open. Why run with him downfield when you can catchup to him when you need to.

    Sure if the defense doesn't mind giving up 20 yards on a play. So far Ballard has 10 receptions averaging 19.2 yds per catch.


    Nicks with 28 receptions is averaging 14.7 yds per catch. Manningham has 13 receptions and is averaging 13.2 yds per catch.


    I think there's a little more to it than the defense letting him catch the ball because they know they can run him down. Ballard may not act like a quick change jackrabbit and squirt around like a 5'6" 150 lb RB, but he is deceptively shifty or he wouldn't be getting open the way he has. And he catches the ball and he's a load to bring down.


    I've admired Witten (begrudgingly so) as he has single-handedly wreaked havoc on Giants' defenses over the last few years and he isn't fast or makes incredible moves to get open. And yeah....we can catch up with Witten after he catches the ball.....but he's already got a first down by the time we do. BTW, Witten (one of the best TE's in the NFL) has a lifetime average of 11.4 yds per carry and although he has soft hands and catches the ball consistently, he goes down a lot easier than Ballard.


    I think we have a gem of a TE on our hands and the more comfortable Eli gets with him, the more action he's going to see. I do think the announcer's comparison to Bavaro yesterday was a little over the top. Bavaro did those things year in and year out and carried the Giants on his back many times.

  24. Seattle didnt play perfect D on that last play. It was good D, yes, but Cruz letting the ball slip out of his hands is what killed it for us. He bsically put it right in the defenders hands.

    Cruz can make circus catches and the way he was hit, he wasn't going to catch the ball cleanly. Even as he was being hammered, he had the presence of mind to still focus on the ball and reached out and tipped it up in the air to keep it off the ground thinking he was still going to make a miraculous catch. The ball didn't really "slip" out of his hands - he was crushed and the ball was hammered out of his hands. It probably would have hit the ground if he hadn't done the circus move and try one more time to still catch the ball with one hand.


    But the "D" was good because they sandwiched Cruz and crushed him. It was a fluke that the ball got tipped back up in the air and into the hands of the enemy. You really got to hand it to Seattle for that play. The way the Giants played the first half....they didn't deserve to win anyway.

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