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Dragon's NYG Mid Season Review




Alright people... I have to say that I am very pleased with the performance of our (and I mean our) NY Giants. With the exception of the two losses and today's... really wierd game, we've looked great.


QB - Eli Manning has looked very comfortable in the role of the leader. His passes have been sharper, his comp. % is up and he has shown that he has all of the confidence that people claimed that he didn't. Don't take this as a shot at him, but I feel that not having Tiki Barber in the backfield has helped Manning more than having him there ever could. It has nothing to do with Tiki's mouth, but I think that the fact that Eli had the greatest RB in NYG history playing behind him kept Eli from taking charge like he is this season. I do think that he definately needs to stop trying to force the ball into certain receivers and trust his backs in the flat more. That alone will cut down on his INTs. Mid Season Grade - B


RBs - We went into the season thinking that we'd have a two headed monster at RB with Jacobs and Droughns. What we got was a three headed monster in Ward, Jacobs, and Droughns. Now while this is great right now, I have a bad feeling that either Ward or Droughns is going to leave because of this. Now this doesn't count this week's game but if you add everyone together and our RB trio has 188 carries for 861 yards (4.6 YPC) and 7 TDs. I am a NYG fan from birth til death and I didn't expect anything like that from our RBs this season. They're on pace for a 1700 yard/14 TD season. Mid Season Grade - A-


WR/TE - What can I say? Well as good as it's been, it's scary to think that it could've been better. Burress, up until before 49ers game was neck and neck with Randy Moss for the NFL lead in TD receptions and Toomer has become the NYG All-Time leader in both Receptions (passing Tiki Barber) and TDs (passing Kyle Rote). The problem that I have with this unit is that for some strange reason at least one person has to have a bad case of the drops every game. We are second in the NFL for most dropped passes and that's ridiculous considering the talent that we have on the field with Burress, Toomer and Shockey. Moss has contributed some and surely Steve Smith will contribute when he returns, but as good as this group is the drops keep them from being Elite. Mid Season Grade - B


O-Line - This group has BY FAR impressed me the most. I wanted to tear my hair out when Luke P. (<--I can't remember how to spell his name and I'm too lazy to look it up) was cut, but Diehl has shown that there was no reason at all to fret. Our O-Line has (in my mind at the very least) quietly become a top tier group. Chris Snee should be in the Pro Bowl this year. Mid Season Grade - A


D-Line - This group went from looking out of sorts (mostly due to Osi's injury and Strahan still getting adjusted) to one of it not THE most dominant group in the NFL. Osi Umenyiora has become the leader of the DL. Strahan can still bring serious pressure and commands a double team. Justin Tuck is taking advantage of the opportunities that he is getting from Osi and Strahan commanding attention and has quietly closed in on Osi for the team lead and a share of 2nd place in the NFL in sacks. Offenses... beware the 3rd and long. Mid Season Grade - A


LBs - I'm not impressed by our group, but I'm not griping about them either. Moving Kiwi to LB looked like the worst move by far earlier in the season... but the fact that I haven't heard his name called may be a good thing. Pierce IMHO needs to kick the shit kicked out of him. There's no reason for all of the penalties on the guy who's supposed to be out Defensive Leader. Mitchell has become solid after what I thought was a tough start. Mid Season Grade C+/B-


DBs - This is another group that I'm not too impressed with. Aaron Ross has stepped in and done a good job, but these guys drop WAAAAYYYYY too many interceptions (see Falcons game). Just like the receivers, this group needs to start holding on to these balls that his them directly in the hands to become an elite group. Madison definately needs to improve on his tackling. I can't even think of a word to describe his efforts today. Mid Season Grade - C+/B-


ST - ..................... Feagles is great, Tynes Sux, we have no return game (unless Bradshaw decided to stop fumbling). I miss Brad Daluiso. :( Mid Season Grade - Feagles A+ Rest of ST unit - C-


A lot of good, but A LOT that needs to be improved and worked on. Glad the bye week is here and glad to see that our worst game was overshadowed by the fact that we played the worst team in the NFL. Get it together G-Men!!!!!!!!!!!



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