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Bastardized 46 - look out Colts!

Guest MontyPython

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Guest MontyPython

look for a these folks, at times, to be on the field together vs the Colts.


Emmons or Wilkinson, Strahan, Osi, Lavar, Tuck, Kiwi, Pierce...with Cofield over the nose, and only 3 Db's ...


I saw them lineup in the later stages of camp like this at times:


Cb--Emmons/Wilkinson-Strahan-Tuck-Cofield-Osi-Kiwi-Lavar --CB



it will be a challange to see whom they block.


The S will be Wilson....


with the 2 CB's on the outside.


it might be an interesting twist to certain passing downs.


NYG 31


Colts 21

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Guest MontyPython



so much for the idea of lining up these guys together and making an impact.


when the few times they did line up together, Pierce, Lavar and Strahan, went back into pass defense.....


strange. maybe they are saving this for another week?

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Guest MontyPython

ok, so this was somewhat used in the 4th qtr and OT vs the Eagles.


If you noticed, Tuck was in place of Robbins, Kiwanuka up like a LB and Joseph in for Cofield. Kiwi came up the middle and clearly smacked Dmac with a hit. Damn, what took so long???


Arrrington was MIA again

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