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Mock Draft Game


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I think it would be fun to do a Mock draft game for those interested. Here's how I think we should do it. Everyone posts their mock draft and you get scored based on accuracy. Here's how I'm going to score it.

Correct spot, correct team: 5 pts

Off by 1 spot: 3 pts

Off by 2 spots: 1 pt

Right team, wrong position: 4 pts Ex. Let's say you have Indy drafting Deangelo Williams at #30 but they trade up to #25 to get him.

Correct spot, wrong team: 4 pts. If you have Reggie Bush going 1st overall to Texans but Jets trade up for him you get 4 pts.




The winner gets mad props and a swimsuit calender featuring the fab 4.

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My Mock:


1 Houston- Reggie Bush

2 New Orleans - Ferguson

3 Tennessee - Vince Young

4 N.Y. Jets - Leinart

5 Green Bay - AJ Hawk

6 San Francisco - Mario Williams

7 Oakland - Vernon Davis

8 Buffalo - Ngata

9 Detroit - Huff

10 Arizona - Jay Cutler

11 St. Louis - Bunkley

12 Cleveland - Manny Lawson

13 Baltimore - Winston Justice

14 Philadelphia - Chad Jackson

15 Denver (from Atlanta)- Santonio Holmes

16 Miami - Ernie Sims

17 Minnesota - Jimmy Williams

18 Dallas - Donte Whitner, S, OSU

19 San Diego - Antonio Cromartie

20 Kansas City - Kamerion Wimbley

21 New England - Chad Greenway

22 Denver (from Washington)- Leonard Pope

23 Tampa Bay - Jonathan Joseph

24 Cincinnati - Tamba Hali

25 TRADE Indianapolis - Deangelo Williams

26 Chicago - Bobby Carpenter

27 Carolina - Demeco Ryans

28 Jacksonville - Thomas Howard

29 N.Y. Jets (from Denver) - Lendale White

30 TRADE New York Giants - Gabe Watson

31 Seattle - Richard Marshall

32 Pittsburgh - Nick Mangold

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