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Special sig request


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I decided to take advantage of the elements surrounding me for this one. I have this poetry project thing and my topic is weather. My teacher is obviously looking for poetry but also wants good graphics. So I decided, why not ask my good buddies at sportswrath to make me a "sig" or two to help me out!


Right now, I am looking to have lightning, rain, snow, sleet, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. Then make it say somewhere in something "weatherish" "My literary portfolio."


Thanks a lot guys, any type of help would be appreciated.

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hi guys, i have the same project as gateb, excpet my project deals with music. i was hoping someone could help me out. i was hoping for mayb some music notes coming from a guitar and and then maybe from a bongos, to show how much of a variety in music there is. also, maybe something in Kiss colors, black and white, for "My Literary Portfolio".


thanks to anyone who can help.

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