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Balco brothers must unite...


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It's time Barry Bonds cut ties with the Giants and place himself in the Big Apple.

He should think about parting ways and joining the Yankees, completing the formation of the Balco Trio, or the Balco Brothers.


Balco brother 1, Barry Bonds, will hit 3rd. With the short porch in right field, Barry will not only break Aaron's record but he will destroy it. It is fitting that Barry Bonds hits his 1000th all the way in the upper-deck, after his home-run, Bud Selig can stop the game and put together a 'mid-game' presentation to celebrate Bonds' 1000th HR.


Balco brother 2, Gary Sheffield, can hit 4th. He is better off playing DH as we won't want any more steroid rage of his happening in right field.


Balco brother 3, Jason Giambi, can hit 5th. He can be considered the 'sweeper.' He will absorb any runs that other brothers didn't produce. Giambi, with his steroid reproduced vision, can take walks and stat-pad his OBP stat.


Mark Mcgwire can find himself a consultant for the Balco Brother. He can train the Trio to evade authorities and find new ways to take steroids.


Sammy Sosa can be the hitting coach. He can teach the brothers the art of corking bats. Forget 500 feet Hrs from Barry Bonds, it's time to hit 600+ feet dingers.


Jose Canseco can be the medical advisor.



The Bronx will be the greatest show on earth.


Barry Bonds will hit 600 feet home runs and while rounding the bases rip off his pinstripes like Hulk Hogan. A sight that will live on forever in the mystical game that is baseball.

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