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My Solution to a new CBA


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Here are my thoughts on a solution to the current labour situation and a new collective bargaining agreement.


There will be a solution to a new CBA, there is simply too much money at stake.


I think the solution will be a slight increase in player percentage, combined with a 17 or 18 game season, a rookie salary cap and a fund for retired NFL players. Both the owners and players will see more money. There will need to be increases in the roster size, perhaps to 60 instead of 53.


How it would work


the 2009 Salary cap was $128m, if 2010 was the under the old CBA, there would have been a salary cap of $135m for 2010.

Under the old CBA, the salary cap for 2011 would have been around $142m and the per team share for owners would have been around $96.7m. (I will use these numbers as the basis of my projections)


Under the old system the 59.5% of the total projected league revenue for the upcoming year. If this changed the player's share to perhaps 60% with 0.5% set aside for various players funds. This would increased the salary cap to $143.2m and decreasing the owner's income to $94.2m.

The players funds would be $1.2m per team ($38m total)


Now if the league also increases the regular season by two games at the expense of two preseason games, it will likely increase revenue by around 1/8.

The salary cap increases to $161m per team and the owners share of the income becomes $103m per team.

The players fund would be $1.3m (for a total of $43m).

Minimum NFL salaries would increase by 1/8




This solution would mean that


1. Players are better off ($161m salary cap per team instead of $142m under the old CBA).


2. Owners are better off ($106m per team instead of $96.7m under the old CBA).


3. There is a rookie salary cap, meaning the veterans get a fairer share of cap money.


4. There is provision for players (and former) players funds ($43m per year)


5. Fans get more meaningful football.


6. Team rosters increase to 60 players instead of 53 players to better manage the longer regular season.


7. Minimum NFL salaries would increase by 1/8

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