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Do you expect any changes against Dallas/Philly?


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I would imagine that if there is any time for soul-searching and adjustments, it will come within the next 2 weeks.


As everyone knows, if the Giants beat the Cowboys and Philly, and go 8-5, its Agony to Ecstasy and back to the Candyland.


But, if the Giants put anything approaching the Denver game out on the field, it's goodnight, nurse.


And if the Giants lose, and Gilbride and Sheridan don't make changes to their approach, they've pretty much proven they need to go.


So saying all that, do you see any changes?


Here's what I hope to see change:



More drive-blocking with Hedgecock leading for Jacobs up the middle.

Less stretch/sideline running plays.

More playaction.

More pump-fakes (especially against the Eagles).



Less Tuck until the 4th quarter; more Tollefson

Sintim, Goff, and Boley seeing extended playing time.

More stunts and movement along the defensive line (moving Osi, Tuck, Kiwi)

More creative blitz packages (i.e., better timed, better angles)

More safety run support

No more dropping defensive linemen into coverage.

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