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Wow, I could have been the man that killed Tom Arnold


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We've heard from several readers regarding a skirmish that broke out Friday on the set of FSN's The Best Mutherf--kin' Sports Show That Nobody Really Watches Anymore So How Do They Still Get "A" List Guests? On the show, Tom Arnold and Michael Strahan get into an argument that culminates in a Srpinger-style wrestling match. After the two are separated, Strahan complains of a shoulder injury.


When we first heard about the incident, we assumed that it was an April Fool's thing. But after watching the video, we're weren't so sure.


Vinny DiTrani of the Bergen Record reports that the stunt was indeed an April Fool's set up. Per DiTrani, coach Tom Coughlin and G.M. Ernie Accorsi were given a head's up earlier in the week regarding the phony fracas.


As it turns out, Arnold is a far better actor than he previously has shown. And Strahan has a future in Hollywood, too. (If, of course, any casting directors are ever looking for an oversized black man with a slight lisp and bad teeth.)




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