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This weekend in Philly


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The Mets will come out, sticks ablazing and as they have done since the opening of that bandbox will knock in a ton of runs. Does this translate to wins? Not sure yet.... but with all the talk of Wright sucks and whats in his head and no key hits blah blah blah I think a little 3 game series in the land of little league parks will do wonder for this teams confidence at the plate.


Last year recall Wright had 6 rbis and no home runs in April, so his troubles aside from the year long lack of hits with RISP does not worry me. Remember this guy prior to the debacle of 2007(which this franchise from top to bottom still suffers from) was a 300+ hitter in clutch situations. I believe in the law of averages and the averages have balanced out for him sadly its conincided with what transpired the last 2 years. Really I believe in Wright.


What I do not believe in is the leadership and management of this franchise. Minaya is an overrated Gm to say the least. Give me the coin and I could get you Beltran, Pedro, Santana and Krod.


No fear the offense will arrive this weekend.

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