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See ya in 2009 Ryan


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It appears the Mets no longer have their hopes up that Ryan Church will return this season. The right fielder has been out since July 6 due to aftereffects from a pair of concussions. He has been evaluated several times, but doctors haven't cleared him to play. He will be evaluated again today or tomorrow.


"I'm not optimistic about that," manager Jerry Manuel said of getting him back. "It's very foreign to all of us and we just aren't sure as to where it could go. And historically, it hasn't gone in our direction.


"We've been going through this, I don't know how long. Two months? Whatever. But, if it does turn out to be something favorable for us, it would be very, very welcome."


Church took batting practice with the team yesterday and fielded balls in the outfield, but gave no one any reason to be more optimistic about the upcoming evaluation. He refused to speak with reporters.


Ryan Church may not return



As they say in the Armed Forces....."shit rolls downhill"

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by ADAM RUBIN, NY Daily News


Ryan Church is believed to be at the doctor today, hoping to gain clearance to begin a rehab assignment in the minor leagues. He would begin playing in Port St. Lucie this weekend if doctors sign off. Either way, he’s been feeling fine and champing at the bit to proceed.


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Breaking news: Church to play in minors


by ADAM RUBIN, NY Daily News



News out of the clubhouse: Ryan Church has been cleared to go to Florida to begin playing in minor-league games. He’ll initially DH in Port St. Lucie after working out at Shea on Saturday

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