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Can Johan and the MEts make it 2 in a row?????


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Well Mets fans we got our Ace on the mound today, And his counter part aint to shabby RHP Dan Haren....Though in his last outting v.s. the Mets in AZ we shelled him pretty good....Also a few things about this kid we called up Chris Aguila, 29, had just completed perhaps the most productive stretch of his professional career, hitting .528 with seven home runs over nine games. Overall, he was hitting .308 for the Zephyrs, with 17 homers and 40 RBIs in 221 at-bats. LOL im praying To God (allah,budda........WHat have you).....That his bat stays HOT....Last nights game was so mentally draining..........I mean when Reyes and Castillo were thrown out back to back......................WIll this nightmare ever end Hopfully Johan can pitch well and maybe if were lucky we could get a few hits with runners in scoring position..........Lets goo Mets



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