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Has the Mets season come and gone?


In early 2007 the Mets propaganda machine came up with the yearly team cliche of "Your Season Has Come"... it has been plastered all over the rip-off souvenir cups they sell at Shea, on the back of New York City Buses and has even gone bilingual in some neighborhoods. The Mets having lost 5 straight and are now only 1.5 games ahead of the Fightin' Phils in the N.L. East.


Who is to blame? Willie Randolph? Omar Minaya? Players, coaches, trainers? WHO?

I will tell you who..... Willie Minaya. That's right both Willie Randolph and Omar Minaya are to blame for this team underachieving the whole year. Whether it be the ridiculous trades that Omar has made. Giving the Florida Marlins their whole bullpen, the Kansas City Royals a ROY (Rookie of the Year) candidate in Brian Bannister, trading blue collar guy Heath Bell for a black man who can't do anything and a piece of shit.


Willie Randolph you say? Yes, Willie Randolph. I will be frank, I do like Willie Randolph has manager and my father had been clamoring him to be manager for the Mets since the days of Dallas Green/Bobby Valentine/ Art Howe days. Let's face it everyone, Willie has no clue on how to use a bullpen which is odd, look who he learned from in the Bronx. I won't say Willie needs to be fired, but he does need a stiff kick in the ass. I look at Willie Randolph the same way I look at Giants quarterback Eli Manning...very even keeled, doesn't show much emotion during the highest of highs and lowest of lows. I have every bit of confidence in Willie and Eli and I know they will lead the way to the promise land sooner or later.


After all it was the late Tug McGraw who said it best:


Ya Gotta Believe

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