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what would your starting rotiation look like?


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i think it should and probably will look like this:


1) glavine

2) el duque

3) maine

4) perez

5) pelfrey


i know a lot of you guys probably want to see humber get a shot, but i don't think he's ready yet. i want him to compile a lot of innings in the minors, and show me he can handle the workload injury free. as for glavine and el duque, i think we pretty much know what we're gonna get out of them. maine remains an enigma to me, as i don't think he'll be as good as last year, but i still think he'll be solid enough. one thing i noticed about him was his ability to breeze through the lineup the first time around, however only the first time he saw them, which is why he rarely seemed to go deep into the game. to me that says eventually his value will be greater in the bullpen, as we are able to fill out our staff. as for perez, i think he will be VERY up and down. i don't think he'll just revert to his rookie form and blow people away, like many met fans are hoping for. i don't really see a middle ground for this guy, yet that is...i think he'll either be very good, or very bad. pelfrey, we'll have to wait and see. just like humber, he hasn't had a lot of time in minor league ball, and i think that he needs to mature a lot and really develop second and third pitches he is comfortable with, to throw in any situation, before we can see his true potential. that being said, i still expect big things from this kid in the future. i still feel he should be in the rotation however, because if there is ever a time to bring a young guy up and not put too much pressure on him, it is now, with a lineup like this. he doesn't have to be great, he just has to improve as the season progresses. don't forget how much time guys like cole hamels spent in the minors before they were called up, so i often feel that is an unfair comparison.


i think we will be seeing a lot of 6-4 type games this year , which is fine, i just hope this staff can be real solid come playoff time. what are your thoughts?

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