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My take on the game


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i look at is this way.... we totally dominated the first half of the game... they had something like 47 total yards before that 3rd and 22 (which lost us the game... all momentum and confidence was thereby gone after that) the only way they scored in the 1st half was on a turnover on our side of the field and a horrible break down and then our #1 corner pulling up lame and letting a receiver go free....



then in 2nd half they scored because of bad coaching (never should have kicked fg) and 2 turnovers on our half of the field again.... i mean its going to be hard to ask your defense missing 5 game 1 starters to stop a team that many times on your side of the field....


From this game we have learned that Webster is downright awful and has to be benched..... Eli really needs to step his game up and start hitting those wide open receivers... Lewis needs to learn that if the blitz works... keep using it..... Coughlin needs to learn to not be a fucking moron

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