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  1. I live near York ....just 30 miles from the KC in Hull. Some of my best friends are 'Tigers' season ticket holders.

    Cant believe that Hull were 2 up and lost 3-2 .........Rooney was amazing .... ( but he could have been sent off early on for that late kick on Huddlestone ! )

    Cool UK allways nice to watch a game Live, City plays really well atm and most be the favorite to take the titel if they can keep it up

  2. hey guys yeah got abit windy yesterday, glad to hear everyone is okay, my family and friends are also okay. i sure hope this is the year Arsenal brin home something its been so dry the last years hehehe i guess we got a little spoiled a few years back :) but they look good so far i hope they can keep it up, today is derby vs chealse go gunners

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