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  1. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/early-lead/wp/2014/05/05/the-copenhagen-soccer-team-has-some-really-creative-fans/ look at this guys, Danish Derby i got season tickets to fc copenhagen shame we only made a draw, but the coolest tifo we ever done
  2. hate to see him sigh with another team but i can still understand him
  3. Well the Danish reporters have a way of alllways getting noticed, not sure if i should laugh or hide in shame. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ud8JjKOgP0 im of to norway skiing with the family, i hope my brother and me can find someway to watch the bowl, anyways take care all and i hope you will have a nice super bowl with friends and family
  4. they dont wanna sell him to Arsenal then they sell him to united bastards
  5. yeah it sucks atleast he got to taunt the spurs fans, now They gotta get another striker now that Bendtner is out
  6. Cool UK allways nice to watch a game Live, City plays really well atm and most be the favorite to take the titel if they can keep it up
  7. Happy Boxing day Guys my brothers is on his way here, we are gonna have a big lunch and after that its football the rest of the day nice
  8. i think Moyes will get atleast one more season other wise Fergueson would look stupid for pointing him out, but yeah they are not looking good atm.
  9. its like im dreaming when i see gunners play this season they play so well rigth now its a pleasure to look at, later ill be going to see FC Copenhagen play there last league game this year (season tickets) then they meet with Real madrid next week in Chl i cant fricking wait
  10. hey guys yeah got abit windy yesterday, glad to hear everyone is okay, my family and friends are also okay. i sure hope this is the year Arsenal brin home something its been so dry the last years hehehe i guess we got a little spoiled a few years back but they look good so far i hope they can keep it up, today is derby vs chealse go gunners
  11. wow just noticed this tread Gunners fan here they do play very well this season so far, i think they are gonna win something this season. pretty sick goal by wilshire today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufS_UL0HFeY
  12. nice to get that out of the way
  13. yeah all you guys please take good care, all those pics i see in the news looks really scary, hope your family and love ones are all okay
  14. i became a fan in 89 90 when the started broadcasting nfl here in Denmark, the Giants had a sick sick LB wearing number 56 ( had no idea about he´s off field problems at the time only found out years later when i got internet) i remember sneaking up to watch the Giants bills superbowl, one of the most thrilling games ive ever seen, i was hooked after that. we where 6 guys that started playing in a club not far from where we grew up Roskilde kings was the clubs name, some of us helped them win the Danish championship a few times also made it to play on the junior national team
  15. its pretty big and getting bigger every year. LOVE IT Morten Andersen playing for so long and taking the record did also helped alot
  16. I know the question was for UK. but here in Denmark we get 3 games sunday every monday nigth game and every thursday game the late games get replayed the day after and all playoff games pro bowl and superbowl.
  17. Eli just makes those WR looks good, Plax,toomer, smith, nicks, manningham, cruzand now Barden
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