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Could this weekend have been any better?


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1. Mets go to NLCS! (first time of my Mets fan life too)

2. Yanks lose!!

3. Giants get a great win!

4. TO and Parcells make the Eagles Cowboys game very entertaining


Am I missing anything? This weekend was too good to be true with sports.

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I could have not gotten sunburned at the Giants game, but that's the price you pay to watch them win!!


Who cares if I get sunburned I went and most of you didn't!

I got it pretty bad today actually <_<


Where'd you sit?

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Hopefully this year ends better than the last time all of my teams were doing well.


2000-2001 season


Giants NFC Champions Destroyed in Super Bowl :furious:

Mets NL Champions Destroyed in World Series :cwy:

Florida State University ACC Champions Destroyed in National Championship :brooding:

NJ Devils Eastern Conference Champions Lost in 7 in Stanley Cup Finals :(

My Lakers NBA Champions but my Bulls sucked that year. <_<

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