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Thursday Bloody Thursday

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No new CBA = a lot of teams screwed.


NFL | One general manager says lack of CBA will cause "Bloody Thursday"

Tue, 28 Feb 2006 17:53:23 -0800


Updating previous reports, Len Pasquarelli, of ESPN.com, reports the break down in negotiations over a new collective bargaining could cause what one general manager called "Bloody Thursday." With the projected salary cap expected to fall between $95 million to $96 million, some big-name players might get released by Thursday, March 2, as teams comply with the salary cap. An AFC team executive said, "In past years, you'd see a lot of guys released who maybe still had some name value, but who were really in decline in terms of production. This year? People are going to be stunned -- not just by the quantity of players who are cut by Thursday, but by the quality, too. It's going to be ugly. There's going to be blood in the streets and, compared to past years, it's going to be from some bluebloods, guys who can still play."


Jets have to clear about $23M by Friday.

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Martin already restrucutred. I hope McCareins gets released. Worthless POS. 2nd round pick my ass.


Pennington is expected to take a pay cut to bring his base salary down to $4M to $5M, and it could lower his cap number by about $8M (bonuses and stuff). Coles definitely should too, but it is a lot to ask, especially since it needs to be done in less than 72 hours.

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