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I hope I'm wrong but baring some dramatic turn of events this team


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Worst Defense we've had in 40 years


So far yes we've given up too many fucking points. And yes the defense stinks. But pin this one on our play calling. The seahawks didn't gain a lot of yards on us.


THis defense can only get better. I don't ever in my life remember seeing our defense this bad.


Now let's look at the bright side. We got our bye week.. a lot of thinking these players and coaches would have to do.


We played the toughest 3 games in football. 2 of them on the road. we're 1-2. We beat teh skins and we're 2-2. Our division record would 2-0. I'm not worried. Those are some tough teams we faced and the Seahawks are not better than us...

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