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A-Rod still in hot seat


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# First baseman Jason Giambi blasted Rodriguez after he left four runners on base in the first three innings of a game at Boston on Aug. 19.


# Center fielder Johnny Damon said Rodriguez wasn't getting the job done with two strikes or with runners on base.


# One unnamed teammate suggested Rodriguez should get his eyes checked. Another was even more damning, suggesting Rodriguez was afraid.


# Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson, a special adviser to the team, said that during the slump the third baseman lacked "any physical presence" in the batter's box and was "too nice."


Giambi also went as far as telling Torre he had to quit coddling A-Rod.


Full story

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The Verducci SI article is quite insightful and I am sure many naysayers will say it will cause friction, but I do not think that is the case. I think those of us that have seen the day in and day out dealings of AROD with the NY media and how it has pertained to his teammates know what the deal is. His teamates don't like him, so what they win who cares.


In the story Reggie Jackson tells him how old Yankee teamates in 77 his first year there left notes in his locker that said they did not want him.


Reggie makes the best quote in the article when he tells Verducci while they are both looking at AROD and Jeter take practice swings and have their backs to one another Reggie says "classic Ruth Gehrig"


Now I don't know about anyone else, but Ruth and Gehrig and the 77 Reggie Yanks seemed to deal ok with these things.


Such a non issue imo.

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