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How bad will we make the Eagles running game look Sunday?

Plax 4 Prez

how many yards do those fags get total?  

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  1. 1. how many yards do those fags get total?

    • 10 or less
    • 11-30 Yards
    • 31-50 Yards
    • 51 or more
    • all thier RB's together still 80 yards away from Tiki
    • all thier RB's together still 50 yards away from Jacobs
    • or both choice 5 and 6

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I voted 51 or more because:


- I'm a realistic person.

- The Eagles are a good team and are proud.

- 51 yards running isn't really that hard.


I believe we will win the game of course and I believe we will outplay them on offense and defense.. maybe not special teams.

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I hate to say this but they may well out-rush us


I dont see Coughlin playing Brandon a lot......he loves to be contrarian

and do the opposite of what the fans want to see


The Eagles will stack the box, and Tiki cannot run well against an 8 man front

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