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Grade last week's game


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Offense: B+

We ran the ball magnificantly throughout the whole game. But, we should've kept running, our rb's were bigger than anone on their defense. WE got killed by many penalties, some just a lack of focus and others with the ref blowin it. First, all those false starts are pathetic, we're the fuckin home team! And the burress chop block and cart PI was bullshit.


Defense F-. Catch the godddamn football for christ's sake. I could've caught those and brought it back for 6 in a heartbeat. If we're gonna have cb's that shitty at catching, we might as well have kept will allen, at least he could cover. All the third and longs were bad play calls. WE barely ever blitzed and gave manning all the time in the world to find a reciever in prevent defense.


ST- D. Morton is garbage at kick returning. I love him as a PR guy, but jennings or RW, or Moss when healthy should be kick returning


we palyed well enough to win, but shot oursleves in the foot an uncountable amount of times. We better fix this quick or we're not gonna win a single game this season.




Oh and btw, to all those who say our DT's are garbage, they were the only 2 fucking players out there making plays and showing that they cared!

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