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An Open Letter to All Season Ticket Holders

Blue in Iraq

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Ok, not so much and open letter as a plead for cooperation. Giants stadium isn't known for it's intimidating atmosphere and, quite frankly, it should be. Giants fans are some of the greatests fans of ANY team world wide. I know it, you know it, so PROVE it. Make a home game as difficult as possible for the oppsing team. Now, i have never been to a home game. I wish I had. I wish I will. But, from what I hear, that stadium has never been loud. Granted, we can blame the average age of the season ticket holder on the lack of noise but, c'mon, you can olny go so far with that. I plead. I bed. I emplore, those who are going to a game this year, to shed your blanket of political correctness, politeness, and reserved attitude for ANY other day, than game day. Thanks for listening.

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