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will demps


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i didn't see the first two preseason games but i was really impressed with demps last night. dude was all over the field laying suckas out. him and gibril are gonna kill it all year


questions? comments? compliments?

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i too was impressed with demps. it also looks like we have some dbacks without hands of stone this year. perhaps double digits in interceptions?


now that would be nice. but if not, i'll settle for gibril and demps running all over the field stopping the run and flattening receivers

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of course barlow ran him over, fortunately most RBs in the league don't outweight him by 40 pounds like barlow does


It happens. I've gotten ran over by a guy who weighed more than double my weight... I was half a step off... my neck made 3 clicks to the right and the guy scored a touchdown (mainly because no one else had the balls to try to tackle him)...


After that i was on him like flies on shit... even tackling him for a loss.. lol.

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