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Damon is growing the 'stache now too


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If you havent noticed, Giambi is growing a mustache to be like Mattingly. Now Damon is doing the same thing (who couldn't see that coming). You can actually see his coming in. Damon is the fucking man, I love him.




This is what happens in August, when the baseball season seems to slow down and the wackiness seems to speed up. Fasano is trying to get his locker-room neighbor, infielder Nick Green, to grow a 'stache, but Green says, "I'm not a mustache kind of guy." To that, Fasano replies, "He could be, he's just afraid."


Johnny Damon isn't afraid. Asked about Giambi's mustache, the former "Caveman" immediately smiles and exclaims, "I love it! I'm gonna have one soon."


"We're a team," Damon says. "We do things together. It's one of those baseball camaraderie things."

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