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And open letter to NYGFan05


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For those who don't know, NYGFan05 aired various grievances in this thread, all of which were directed at yours truly. Long story short, he called me a selfish plagiarist who does not deserve to post on Sportswrath. Anyway, Nemesis locked the thread before I had a chance to respond to his last post...



Lets recap, shall we?


Thusfar, you've labeled me with the following: Cock, coward, resentful, and my personal favorite..."cunt muscle"


Weak minds rely on name calling...


I agree. So when you called me (paraphrasing here) big-headed, arrogant, misguided, meglomaniacal, vulgarian, slavemaster, self-centered, self-serving, and plagiarist ... you were simply demonstrating your weak mind, yes?


Maybe you should add "hypocritical" to your tally, friend.


From my own personal experience, I would say that those very things could also be applied to someone who made one impassioned speech after another regarding making this forum the greatest place for New York Giants discussion, only to turn and walk away during the off-season because it was obvious that things weren't going that way. The ego needed feeding, and a promise of an outlet for your oft-repeated gibberish, which is common knowledge for Giant fans, was too much to resist, yes?


I authored one thread in February about building the Giants forum here, but the reality was that this site is not a Football message board. Why? Because the core members here are refugees from the Current Events message board on Giants.com. That's why the General Discussion forum on SW continually has the most traffic by far ... this is a Current Events website, through and through.


In May, my friend designed his own Giants website (ny-footballgiants.com) and invited me to write a column and join the forum. Ego-feeding? Hardly. Those who know me well -- personally, professionally, or otherwise -- will tell you that I'm as dedicated to the Giants franchise as anyone.


And again, please man up and provide an example or two of my "oft-repeated gibberish." You insinuated that I was a plagiarist and that my material is "common knowledge." However, you have failed (miserably) to support that claim with any type of evidence, and you backpeddled the minute that I challenged you to do so. That's the definition of cowardice, and that type of behavior is certainly motivated by resent.


I have visited that other website, and I must say that it does not hold a candle to this one with regards to entertainment value and general information.


You visited and you were promptly banned because you could not act like an adult (obviously not much has changed since then). I will say that I had nothing to with your removal; after all, I was the one who invited you. The owner of the site decided you were unfit to pariticipate on his message board.


If I were managing this forum, I would not permit you to partake, and I hasten to add that in certain conversations with others, it seems that they, too, would not be saddened by your departure. I believe that you hold no allegiance to anyone but yourself, and that, sir, is dispicable and worthy of any verbal bashing that may come your way.


Fortunately, you don't manage this forum and I imagine that you don't posses any leadership skills in real life, either (assuming that your posts are an accurate representation of your personality). Thus, I breathe a massive sigh of relief. And aligning yourself with the likes of SoCal (who was recently suspended by the Admin here) was a great tactical decision. Misery loves company, and you have found an elite crew to roll with.


Finally, an intellectual fellow like yourself should invest in a dictionary. Perhaps you'll locate the correct spelling of "despicable," and in doing so, discover a picture of a familiar face.

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Who really gives a shit what you two think of one another?


Sorry, but when my integrity is called into question by such a classless individual, I don't take it lightly. I don't expect you or anyone else to care.

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