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Pedro throws off a mound

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04:19 PM - News: Martinez Throws from Pitcher's Mound


...posted by Matthew Cerrone...


Mets RHP Pedro Martinez threw from the slope of a pitcher’s mound for the first time this spring in a workout in Port St. Lucie on Saturday…


…basically, he set up a few feet in front of the pitching rubber to avoid having to push off from the mound…


The team’s trainer, Ray Ramirez, occasionally stepped in to pull, tug and tweak Martinez’s special, super-terrific magic Nike sneaker…


…the buzz from the psl is that martinez did well and viewed today as a positive step…



Pedro Martinez - Starting Pitcher

Back after a one-day absence for personal reasons, Pedro Martinez threw 32 pitches today from a slope about a foot in front of the pitcher's mound.

Martinez remains pleased with his progress from a right toe injury. "I cant compare it right now to the way it was toward the end of the season because toward the end of the season, I couldn't really push," he said. "I couldn't really get on that leg that much, but now, it feels a lot better. So now, I'm probably 70 percent better than I was during the offseason." Feb. 25 - 5:33 pm et

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