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Javy Lopez a Red Sock


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Javy Lopez game ending DP. He is only a decent hitter now and is pretty bad behind the plate. Maddux used to ask Bobby Cox to give him a different catcher when they were both on the Braves.


dont forget the part where he couldn't throw out the runner on a busted hit and run.

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yeah but thats not what you guys need. Your offense has not been a problem at all. And when the months of August and September come, the thing you need the most is pitching.


You need Varitek to help with the pitching, and Lopez was always criticized for the way he handled pitchers. Greg Maddux had his own personal catcher back with the braves, he didn't want lopez.


It's a telling sign that the orioles commited all that money to him, then commited a lot to another catcher just because they werent that confident in his abilities. They could have spent that money elsewhere but decided not to.


Yup. Instead, they should've picked up...? :confused:

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