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Shockey Calls Coughlin An "Ass"


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looks like lockhart and co. were right, as usual.....







July 31, 2006 -- ALBANY - Only Jeremy Shockey can call his head coach "an ass," casually offer the reminder that "everybody knows I drink," admit that when things don't go his way on the field "I want to punch somebody" and pine for the good ol' days of Jim Fassel and still come across as a dedicated, team-first athlete in greater control of himself than ever before.

The bundle of contradiction that Shockey appears to be was unwrapped and unplugged yesterday, as the fifth-year tight end on a quiet day at Giants training camp made some noise on an array of topics, mostly dealing with his own growth, frustration and colorful take on life and football.


Now 25 years old, with three Pro Bowls in his four seasons and status among the elite at his position, Shockey has settled into a career that took off with more turbulence than a prop-jet in a thunderstorm. The jarring plays on the field and bizarre controversies (sexual fantasies revealed, Bill Parcells "homo" quips and ice cubes inadvertently flung at innocent kids) off the field are part of Shockey lore. He showed up Saturday at the team cafeteria wearing a gray bathrobe. Shockey insists he hasn't mellowed, but this once-wild colt has learned to run the race without bolting off the track.


"Myself, personally, I don't think I've changed," Shockey said after eating brunch. "I've gotten older. You change every year, you learn something new every day, I try to, good or bad. This is my fifth year and it seems like I've been here two. It's strange how fast it goes."


Here's Shockey on Shockey:


On why he thrived more under Fassel than Tom Coughlin: "Jim Fassel brought me in here, Jim sat me down and said we're going to make it easy for you, you can do this route this way, you don't run the routes like it is in the books. You can do what you see. This staff is a little different. This staff, they want you to do exactly what's in the book, which I understand because the quarterback [Eli Manning] was young a little bit, Kerry [Collins] was there for a while."


On Coughlin: "It's an easy adjustment when you have a head coach who really wants to win. He can be an ass sometimes, but that's what your head coach can be, that's what you need. You need to have a leader up there, when he says something you're going to listen, because if you don't you're going to get punished."


On toning down his shows of frustration on the field: "In high school I used to try to bite my tongue off and my lip off and bleed everywhere. It's hard when you know you can make a play and you don't get the opportunity to do it. That's probably my biggest downfall, I'm not patient enough. I'm not doing it in a negative way. When they have three guys on the tight end it [ticks] me off, and [tight ends] coach [Mike] Pope says you should smile when you walk off when you get double-teamed. I want to punch somebody."


On aging: "I take good care of my body. Everybody knows I drink here, everybody knows I go out and party but I tell you, I eat multi-vitamins every day, I get acupuncture, I get massages, I do tons of things to keep my body healthy. I got a hyperbaric chamber. If I do go out and drink one night, I guarantee the next day I'm getting totally replenished with water and massages and all this stuff."

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Probably shouldnt have gone that far...but he twisted it in a way to make it appear beneficial toward the team. They showed the interview on SC today and the whole tone of the interview was joke-like. Nothing to worry about..not nearly as bad as other things he has said.

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