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HA...Hilarious article on the Knicks


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then there is this...


Real Men Of Genius





The image of confidence: Steve Francis and his GM, Isiah Thomas.

Today we salute you, Mr. Max-Contract-Signing General Manager. As Bill Simmons knows, any GM can dole out contracts, but it takes your special skill to mortgage the future and ruin the present. Story

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Funny, but in hindsight I do think the Lakers were right to trade Shaq and keep Kobe.

ya....but they git ripped off in that trade..


they should have decided not to take butler and get there picks, and they may have been able to get Wade at the time the trade was made

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It is definately fake...


but the real question is...who is/was worse Isiah or Scott?


I mean I dont even think Isiah would have given Houston 100 million....


Fake? Nothing fake about it, that's the genius of Bill Simmons. Or are you talking about the actual quotes?

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:LMAO: he was?

Yes ...he said it was too long to read on the air but it was hysterically accurate.


They neglected Tabscott the man who first replaced Grunfeld...he was hired right before the draft and was the Knicks Head European Scout...he was on with Steve Sumers who incredulously asked him why he drafted Frederic Weis number one...Tabscott replied "he was assigned to watch Weis exclusively in Europe and hadn't seen anyone else play"...truly hysterical.

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