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Steve Phillips says we should trade A-Rod


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I was just about to post something similar to this. So Cals boy Kruk mentioned moving him to DH. All this shit is so ridiculous. The guy won an MVP last year and is playing pretty damn well this year. He's not allowed a bad game? Jeter made an error in the 8th or the 9th inning the day before and no one said anything. His critics hate him cause he makes so much money. He should donate it all and then tell them to shut the fuck up.

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First of all, they could never get enough value back for him if they were ignorant to do something like trade him and if that happened, I think it could go down as one of the worst moves in baseball history...I mean, looking at the big picture, he may very well go down as the best player to EVER play the game..I get so damn pissed when people boo him at the games, I mean something last night I can understand but I know when he comes back the first time he makes an out they are going to get back on his back. I would like to see how happy these "fans" are if we lose tonight like 3-1. All this talk just makes me so angry..how stupid media small talk blows out of proportion, and after one bad game they want to trade him. Ridiculous.

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