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Sig Request


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If you could....these pitctures mixed with the player's names next to the pic or on the pic (names are at bottom of post after pictures), whatever..i trust you guys. Some of them are kind of big, I don't know if you could re-size them or anything. i gave you a few to work with, i'd like as many as possible in there, all of them if all possible. thanks.














Pic 1 -- Kaka

Pic 2 -- Rooney

Pic 3 -- Zidane

Pic 4 -- Adriano

Pic 5 -- Drogba


much thanks appreciated..please let me know if its too much. :worshippy:

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I'll do it. Gimme a few days, cause I probably can't start til Friday.

Anything else you want? Such as colors, style, etc...

If you arrange em just right it spells out K R A Z D.



yeah i was thinking, i don't know much about different styles but I would like it to be colorful..I'll leave the style up to you. :TU:

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