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Former Giants QB Davis Webb Launches Coaching Career

The P

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I mean it's great to see him get a shot.

But this seems like a sacrafical type of position.

Team 3 seems like they wouldn't give two cents for what any QB coach would have to say to them.

The fact that Payton had to kick Team 3 out of the building says all we need to know about what Team 3 thinks about Team 3.

Broncos country, lets ride.

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Sean Payton to Denver to me is a nothing burger. Not every coach is blessed with Drew Brees. Bountygate happened under his watch. This is just Elway being  Elway, all about the homerun with John since he took them over.

1 hour ago, BlueInCanada said:

Then again the chance to learn some offensne know how from a guy who once has a hall of fame QB pulling his ass out of the gutter isn't something to pass up.


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