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Salary cap going on up.


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2 hours ago, gmenroc said:

For everyone...not like it gives us advantage...

Well we got 16 million more to play with when we are paying three players 20+ million, who should all be gone or get a restructure in Williams, Golladay and Jackson.

Some good OL FAs who can probably be lured here with that extra space.

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Point simply is that all teams have that little extra to lure guys in, not just us.

Williams and Golloday have to restructure or likely gone I'd think.

2 WRs, CB, 2 IOL, 2 LB is the short list.  Wouldn't mind a backup OL who can play OT too.  Been wondering what Neal would look like at G if he doesn't improve balance at T


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40 minutes ago, jranieli said:

Didn't Williams already restructure?

A few times but he's due 32 million next year making him top 3 highest paid defenders next year, which he clearly never was. 

It's best the Giants get him to take a restructure to pay for talent elsewhere. 

Thanks DG.

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