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6 hours ago, Sephiroth said:

Feliciano? Did the other 15 centers come down with the clap or something?

What's crazy to think is these alternates are selected with no input from the fans, fans voting is only for the starters if I read correctly.

The rest of the votes are coaches, players and some pundits.

That mean the NFL thinks he's a probowl player potentially.

So clearly the NFL is fucking stupid. 

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9 hours ago, CrazedDogs said:

Weird, there’s Trent Williams, then there’s Andrew Thomas. Who else is even seriously in the conversation?  Bakhtiari was never at their level at his very best.

I think it's just name recognition for Oline in all honesty.

Thomas despite being the best Tackle in the NFL he isn't a popular name. 

You ask any fan name me some Olineman in the NFL and you'll get Trent Williams, Jason Kelcee, Bahkitari, etc.

Just a popularity contest for that position..

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Fuck the Pro Bowl - even the selectors dont have a clue what the fuck they are even doing. The Giants in general this year have been a very well-behaved team - no outrageous statements or behaviour or celebrations etc (except for that fucktard that got us 15 yrd taunting penalty which would have put the game away against Washington) - in general they say the right things and nothing "fun" for the fans. Hence - Andrew Thomas not being an automatic starter is ludicrous and BS.

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