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Come to the bleachers, sox fans, i dare you


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remember when you could get beer in the bleachers?


True story, September 1992, I am a freshman at Manhattan, the Yanks are horrible the Mets are worse, the Yanks have a late September game at home against the Tigers that means nothing. There are about 5000 people in the stands if that, you could pick your own row if you choose. We get these bleacher seats we win at a raffle at old Characters bar in Riverdale. So we take the Subway, get to the game and go to a local bodega to buy some beers(mind you this was 1992 before Yankee Stadium was like Disneyworld and when they were bad and no one came near the place) we walk to the entrance for the seats and are throwing the beer out, the usher says "don't worry no one will care", we then bring in about 6 beers. About 15 minutes later a vendor comes up to us(and the 20 or so other people in the bleachers) hand us a tub full cans of beers and says(there is about a 100 bucks worth of beers in here)if you all out here can get me 100 bucks I will leave the tub and you guys can go to town.


Needless to say it was the best Yankee game I was ever at.

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