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Toneys on the trade block.


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8 hours ago, CrazedDogs said:

I haven’t seen this anywhere but here.

I saw it somewhere else.  But who in their right mind would trade for him?  A speed / quickness guy who has played a handful of snaps due to 2 injured legs?  I mean maybe a team building for next year and the years after would throw a late rd pick at him, but unless he is actively burning his bridge with the team / coaches, we may as well keep him and hope for future production.  

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9 hours ago, mastershake said:

NFL Teams are going to trade for a guy who's frequently injured, currently injured with two bum hamstrings, doesn't show for OTAs, and has done little to nothing so far? I just don't see it. Maybe a 3rd rounder at best, but I'd expect that's a stretch.

If anyone did that trade then I'd be looking to see what else I can steal from them.

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I dont see Toney doing anything detrimental or being a bitch like Golladay. We got Wandale back. Hey - with a little patience, maybe Toney will also be back soon and contribute. I cant imagine what this team would look like with a fully healthy WR core - sad that Shep is out though. Think he is done as a Giant.

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35 minutes ago, boohyah said:

I don't see Shepard as done. If he gets over this I see the Giants signing him for another year at least. He will be cheap.

We already have a cap hit of $4.2M+ for him in 2023 (but without him on the roster) because of the way we restructured his deal. I can't recall if Getty or Schoen did that.

I just can't see us going into 2023 with him taking up a valuable WR roster spot, even if it's like a 1 year $1M minimum deal. He'll also be 30 at that point.

Best to move on and rebuild the WR corps.

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