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Golladay likely to "miss time"

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  • 1 month later...

I wonder if we just have to eat the contract.  Who is gonna trade for him at this point?

Guessing he could be a June 1st cut...that way his cap hit is spread out at least.  What a shame.  Was excited too when he was signed.  Big WR who was a known playmaker at a time when we needed one.  Did not and do not fault DG on his signing as all signs pointed to KG being the top WR on the market at the time.  Just got the money and didn't come through...like at all.

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11 hours ago, Nas said:

Ike came to play... this guy's head is somewhere else.   

He just seems to be doing it on purpose at this point. His body language is also so fucked up. Like not even trying to dive for an easily catchable ball and dropping a sitter, the guy didnt even seem bothered or upset. You see the WR banging his helmet or hitting the ground or punching himself etc etc when they make a mistake. This dude was like - Meh...whatever and just jogged back. 

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