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Average time to throw.


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is this the next gen data, where they attempt to calculate when the rusher would arrive, or is this the actual time from snap to throw?

If the latter, there are two sides to this.... one, the available time in the pocket, but also two, that Jones is waiting for receivers to come open (or they don't come open and he throws it away). So its partially good OL play, but its also poor OL QB play.

I suspect it must be the latter, that's why each of these in the top five are a who's who of mediocrity. 

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3 hours ago, Herc said:

Yeah he’s completely shell shocked.  He tucks and starts looking around him way before he has to 

He's never had pocket awareness, just now it's 180 degrees in the other direction. At least he's not standing there while a frontside rusher strolls up and takes the ball out of his hands anymore. 

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